An Open Offer To Real Estate Agents Who Want To Earn Over $100,000 A Year With A System That Has Been Working For Over 30 Years

In Fact, I’ll Give You 365 Days To Test It Out… Put It Through It’s Paces, Follow The PROVEN Road Map To Real Estate Success & Hand You An Incredible FREE BONUS PACKAGE for an absolute Bargain All With A Crazy No BS 100% Money Back Guarantee Plus A Double Your Money Back Offer All For Less Than A Couple Of Pizzas!

“I have been following the Dave Stone method of selling Real Estate for over 30 years and I can confidently say that the program was instrumental in my achieving the success in real estate that I have. I make sure that every single staff member that works for me will learn and follow this information that way I know they will succeed and so will my real estate company.”

Ron Hicks Key Line Realty

addtocart style1 Sales Letter


From Richard Muir

Director, 21st Century Salesmasters

Dear Friend,

Let me start off by giving you a BIG promise. If you master the skill of “listing & selling property”, you will hold in your hand the key to being a six figure professional…earning the income that 97% of real estate agents desperately desire…but that most will only ever dream about. Earning a solid six figure income with the respectof your office, your clients and your family!

As I said, that’s a big promise and perhaps your alarm bellsare going off and I understand. But I’m convinced that if you read the rest of this letter, take me up on this special opportunity that ispresented to you…then “Thank You Richard” will be rolling of your tongue!

I’ll Prove it To you in just a moment

But first, let me ask you…

Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to get listings and constantly falling short of targets, what about not knowing what to say to prospective clients, tired of making hundreds of embarrassing cold calls with little or no response, embarrassed by your HARD earned commission cheques which look more like a weeks wages for a junior assistant than a professional Real Estate Agent?

If you answered yes to any of these then firstly let me say you are not alone and it is not your fault.

In fact what you are experiencing is the industry standard. As frustrating as that is. It is a fact. Hence the reason why turn over is so bad. And why so few agents actually make a living let alone earn a six figure income.

The harsh reality is from the beginning the odds are stacked against you. With the average training for a new real estate agent going something like this: there is the desk, there is the phone book and go knock on doors and ask for listings! Oh and by the way your on trial for the next 3 months.

Yep, it is no wonder your odds of success are very slim. It certainly makes sense that close to 40% of real estate agents leave the industry every year.

Here is a story that was relayed to me recently that you may be able to relate to:

“While patiently awaiting a job interview in an established real estate firm, an applicant was approached by one of the senior associates who politely commented, “I understand you are applying for a sales position with our company. Why, may I ask, do you want to sell real estate?”

Shrugging a shoulder, the applicant replied,

“Well, I just thought I would try it for a while.”

To that the seasoned ‘Pro’ responded. “You know, I would like to tell you something right now that I have learned the hard way….you don’t try real estate….REAL ESTATE TRIES YOU!”

I am sure you can relate to the young applicant or know someone just like him. We go into something like selling thinking “hey I want to make some big money, so I will go sell some houses and get those big commission cheques, that I have heard Real Estate Agents make”.

And the illusion is so real with many agents driving around in nice cars, nice suits and really looking the part but you and I know the truth is they are slowing bleeding there bank accounts dry!

Yep it certainly looks like a short cut to wealth and riches! But you and I know that unless you back that with some real skill it is a short cut to “Ah well least I gave it a go!”

The only way to guarantee yourself success is to get the right training or spend years trying to figure it all out. But finding the right information and people to learn off is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And there are many so called expert trainers out there trying to get you into another 1 day training program when all they are selling you is a whole lot of BS. And this has to STOP!

Heck isn’t it about time that you really got it!

I mean get really everything you need in order to succeed in this great industry. It should be a given but unfortunately it isn’t.

The trouble is a lot of the training material is written by failed real estate agents who cannot cut it in the industry and have the great idea: “I will train others on what I have no idea what to do”. I am sure you have seen it. After all if they were that good why aren’t they still selling and making a fortune.

So where does that leave you?

Well there is great news. You see what I am about to share with you is a proven system, a complete guide, this rare manuscript that not only teaches you to fish but shows you how to remove the bones and cook it perfectly as well. That when followed will create the success that you dreamed of when you first of all decided to sell real estate.

And best of all it was compiled by a man that not only was hugely successful as a Real Estate agent but owned his own successful agency, a successful broker, investor as well as being a internationally acclaimed trainer responsible for helping people just like you to go onto massive success in the industry.

And Dave’s flagship program was called ‘The Road To Success In Real Estate”.

For those of you that have not heard of “The Road To Success In Real Estate” by Dave Stone let me introduce it to you. Dave Stone was hugely successful Agent, ran a flagship Agency, a broker and an avid investor. As well as being an internationally acclaimed trainer who has been credited for shaping hundreds if not thousands of success stories for Agents worldwide.

So Dave was the definition of an industry expert! And to back that claim up he spoke before 1,000,000 agents (now you have to be right on top of your game to do that!) all over the world and earning countless awards and recognition for his commitment to “Raising The Standards” in the industry. So all this means that his information is not some cut and paste rehashed junk, it’s the real deal.

The major focus of Dave’s programs are “enabling you to become a champion agent”, to understand that there is a proven formula that you can follow and save yourself the pain and heartache of searching for the answers. That has all been done for you.

Dave Stone’s “The Road To Success In Real Estate” is a take you by the hand method to earn a comfortable $100,000 plus income regardless of your current level of success in real estate.

This manuscript is like having your own top performing coach sitting alongside you at all times. But instead of having to pay thousands of dollars for that, we have a much better, more cost effective solution for you.

That’s why we have agents trying to track us down, begging us for a copy of this time tested program in CD format for there staff and as there is no other place to get your hands on this life changing program we often have to tell clients “sorry we are out of stock and I do not know when the next order will be fulfilled”.

You see the reason this program is so powerful because Dave held nothing back with his methods, he wanted the agents he trained and those that listened to his programs to hear everything that he knew, gave them all the tools he used, hand them short cuts, and equip them to become a professional real estate agent and their own success story. Now you can see why this is so popular.

More importantly, you will see comments throughout this letter from agents that were once either starting out, on the verge of quitting or battling along trying to forge a way through the jungle who went on to achieve incredible results by using what Dave passed onto them.

Now I want to give YOU the same opportunity

to learn all the techniques and secrets

Let’s face it when it comes to selling real estate it is a fiercely competitive game. And these day’s there is so much competition all trying to cut the other guy down. You really need a way to make sure your success is not an accident.

And that is why Everything about this manuscript is designed to help you stand out from the hundreds of other agents parading around as want to be pro’s!

“The Road To Success In Real Estate” manual will literally give you the road map, the methods and what is required to be a successful real estate agent.

Just imagine being able to get all your potential clients to list their properties with you, get more listings which will lead to more sales every time. Wouldn’t that be great?

Or what about if you could get plenty of referals, people that are wanting to deal with only you! You set the game plan and people listen because you get results. How would that feel if you could do this?

Imagine being able to make enough money that you end up running your own real estate company and teach your staff to replicate what you have done or maybe you don’t want to look after any other agents. You can simply work when you want even from home and still know that you can earn $100,000 year in year out. It really can happen!

Discover how to confidently deal with price adjusments, what to say to win clients over in presentations, how to gain the confidence of buyers and sellers!

How powerful will this be for you when you learn this now!

Follow this manuscript and watch what happens!

Your boss and all the other agents will be wandering what happened, how did you do it, how did you go from being an average struggling real estate agent to a professional agent that gets results within months. How good will that be?

And yes results can happen quickly…within days or weeks of discovering this information. Just watch as your commission cheques start to grow. Just imagine how you will feel when you get that first big commission cheque.

No Bull No BS!

“The Road To Success In Real Estate” Manuscript will get you to the top 20% of the industry and where the big money is!

I’ve heard it said that experience is a good teacher, but sometimes you cannot afford the tuition. If you really want to get to the top 20% of the industry and earn over $100,000 per year you cannot afford to miss out on this manuscript.

What you will discover is information that is proven to work. Regardless of locations or markets. They are principles that will guide you effortlessly along your journey.

So ask yourself this…

Isn’t it finally your turn?

Assuming you could start your journey into real estate all over, would you go into it and do the traditional bang your head against a brick wall and hope one falls out or start by following a proven method, a complete system that will guarantee you of success, follow a complete road map that prepares you for the journey?

Now I know there are many ‘Old Timers’ out there who say rubbish. Just keep pounding the pavement and getting calasses on your fingers from banging away on the phone and you will get sales. Hey and I am not going to argue.

Sure that could work. But it is a lot harder then it has to be!

In fact we have all heard it before. The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!”

Hey come on lets face it, would you rather have a 12 book encyclopedia of all the mistakes real estate agents make, or would you like to have a no fluff concise step-by-step money making guide giving you the steps to follow that have made many agents a fortune.

So I am sure you are agreeing right now that there is a better way to wealth and riches in real estate!

This manuscript is your fast track guide to success!

What is holding you back today…..Right NOW!

Well there can only be 4 reasons why you would not order this manuscript right now. I have laid then out below. When you are done, it will be even more obvious why you will want to get your hands on this manuscript right away.

Here they are…

Reason #1 why you have not yet already purchased….

What are the secrets I will learn to use and make money with this manuscript?

Well, I am sure you want to know a little more about what is revealed in this manuscript. Well, I can’t share the jealously guarded secrets or they would not be secrets. But I can let you in on some things.

“The Road To Success In Real Estate” manuscript:

With this Manuscript you can learn my incredible strategies that many of the top performing agents use to earn over $100,000 per year. And you get the complete nuts and bolts version to read anytime you want anywhere you want and even print it.


So Let Me Tell You About What Is Covered In “The Road TO Success In Real Estate” That Once-And-For-All Makes Listing And Selling Properties Like a Seasoned Top Performing Pro

What Dave set out to do (and accomplished) was systemize the process of becoming a successful agent. Here is what Dave will take you through in order to turn you into a top performing professional real estate agent…reaching the pinnacle of real estate and consistently pulling a solid six figure income.

Here are 38 Powerful Secrets, Tips & Strategies that you will discover with “The Road To Success In Real Estate”:

  • Discover the truth about why selling real estate is not about knowing real estate values and the secret weapon that the pros use instead. This is not what you think, butwhat you’ve got to know to succeed(see page 4)
  • A secret technique that when used will avoid those phone calls “oh we bought a house last night”, this tip alone will see your sales soar (see page 6)
  • The question will help you to list more properties then your competitor’s. No more putting up with we listed with someone else (all revealed page 7)
  • The 6 buying personalities and why they buy. Learn these and watch your ability to connect with your prospects become so easy (see pages 8-10)
  • The 5 major motivations that are applicable to every buyer you sell to. You will finally understand why selling has been hard up until now! (see page 10)
  • The TRUTH about the most important source of listings (revealed on page 13)
  • 5 strategies that will boost your referrals in your business (page 14)
  • WARNING: If you are not using the 3 Vitamin A?s in your business you will fail. No tablets, just skills that will boost performance! (see page 16)
  • The 2 things you must do in order to ensure success despite economic environments. Recession proof your salary with this tip (see page 17)
  • Revealed: what to say to the owner of a “Sale By Owner” to get on their side and get not only the listing but access to the potential buyers that he is speaking with as well. This alone is worth the price of the manuscript because know one does it! (see page 19)
  • How to stay on top of the market and pick up expired listings (see page 20)
  • The 5 fool proof methods of canvassing/prospecting that if you are new you need to know about (see page 21)
  • Love to know how to get attention with potential buyers on the phone? That will be easy with a proven script that is easy and powerful (see page 23)
  • REVEALED: The 5 proven STEPS on how to get more listings (see page 27)
  • Why using these 6 steps will create a professional outlook and give you the appearance of a true professional (see page 33)
  • What never to rely on in selling real estate and why this is a common mistake that many agents fall down on. (see page 38)
  • Discover how to get control of the sales presentation. Following this advice is a must to ensure a positive outcome. (see page 40)
  • AVOID THIS DEADLY MISTAKE: (see page 41)
  • A POWERFUL script to build agreement with your prospects (see page 43)
  • Why knowing these 4 ways to overcome the objections to pricing will put more money into your pocket and have happier clients. (see page 46)
  • After an endless supply of prospects? Discover how (see page 52)
  • How to build rapport over the phone. This great script will also help you to easily get the clients information. (see page 56)
  • 3 questions that will determine how close you are to closing the sale (see page 67)
  • What never to do when showing houses to prospects. (see page74)
  • Who else wants to know what to say when the house you are about to show someone is in a terrible state. Know this and watch your confidence shine in those horrible situations (Revealed page 80)
  • The sure fire way of dealing with objections that arise early in the presentation of a home. (see page 88)
  • The 2 reasons why people say they want to think it over and how to deal with it. (see page 89)
  • A powerful 3 step formula for dealing with all objections (see page 94)
  • The 3 issues that will stand in the way of a prospect making a decision. When you know this you can really play the cards to your advantage and stop the client suffering paralysis through to much analysis (see page 100)
  • The 5 keys to building bridges to agreements with buyers and sellers (see page 103)
  • Revealed: The easiest way to close a sale without all that dreaded pressure. This is great for both you and your customer, no more blood pumping pressure cooker moments (see page 114)
  • What to say when the question of “how much will the seller sell for?”.Yep, learn this and confidently deliver smooth and seamless answer that works every time (see page 119)
  • The 4 Steps you must follow when presenting an figure that is less then the sellers desired result (see page 125)
  • Discover the SECRET weapon in closing and negotiating (see page 130)
  • How to work with COUNTER OFFERS and how to make both parties feel they have won (see page 140)
  • The sure fire way to deal with BUYERS REMORES: Use this and watch your clients confidently deal with the awkward 3rd party conversations that can have your client backflipping (see page 145)
  • Discover what the NUMBER 1 COMPLAINT is about sales people and how to make sure that you don’t suffer the same consequence page 150
  • The real secret to making a great living in real estate! And no it’s not to have 100 listings and sales on the go! (see page 152)
  • The five major steps you should take to assure yourself of maximizing your opportunities. Every agent that is not earning a six figure income needs to be doing this (see page 155)
  • Plus more!

I know you would be agreeing…after seeing what is listed above that it literally contains everything you will need to know to achieve great results in Real Estate.

And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll find out in “The Road To Success In Real Estate” with over 150 pages of material designed to get you to the top of the Real Estate industry. That’s why you should own this program today.

Reason #2 why you have not yet already purchased….

How do I know it will work and what proof do I have?

Hey that is a great question and I would want to know as well if I was in your shoes. So just take a look at what some of the following people have said about this program:

I have over the years seen nearly every real estate trainer, and I have to say that Dave Stones is the real deal, in an age were buyers are wary of the pushy salesmen it is crucial to follow the methods of selling that Dave Stone teaches.

Not only is this program equally as powerful today as when it was developed, but it has given my team a extra edge on understanding that the essential skills of selling have not changed. A excellent program and one I highly recomend.

Mike Kelly
“Just a short note to say thank you for providing us with the “Road To Success In Real Estate”. Just tremendous.

It has helped my training sessions in the office for my new and established sales people enormously.

I recommend this series to all professional real estate sales people that want to succeed in this industry.”

Chris McGregor McGregor First National Real Estate
I’d like to take a moment to express my delight in having purchased Dave Stone’s “The Road to Success in Real Estate.”

Although it’s true that Real Estate sales is a business where your success is truly a reflection of the effort and enthusiasm that you put in, it’s imperative to have the correct guidance along your journey.

Dave’s message is clear, concise and an essential study for the beginner or the veteran looking to expand their business. Unlike many “throw away” lectures, this timeless material will serve as an ongoing reference for my career.?

P Ahern
“The “The Road to Success In Real Estate” has become an integral part of our induction system with new employees, and certainly shows that even with the changing of technology over the years, the same basic rules apply for success in what is essentially a people to people business.

My top sales people have seen and heard many of the top real estate trainers in the world, but still place Dave Stones “The Road To Success In Real Estate” at the top of the pile and refer back to his information time and again.

Heath Mengel
I have been following the Dave Stone method of selling Real Estate for over 30 years and I can confidently say that the program was instrumental in my achieving the success in real estate that I have.

I make sure that every single staff member that works for me will learn and follow this information, that way I know they will succeed and so will my real estate company”

Ron Hicks Key Line Realty

Reason #3 why you have not yet already purchased….

Okay so can I afford it? How much is the manuscript?

So you ask, “what is the price?” Before I answer that let me ask you a question…

If you are truly after greater results in your business and could become a Six Figure income earner what would that be worth to you. Just imagine in 12 months time looking back on the last year and seeing what a difference earning $100,000 could make to your life.

Because that is exactly what is at stake!

Let me put it another way… Would you spend $2,000 this week if it was going to earn you $2,000 every week for the next 12 months? I guess the only answer is no if you could not afford to, or if you could not get a loan for the money.

Otherwise, the only logical answer has to be…


Okay Steady Yourself, I’m About To Reveal the Investment. With This Proven Program And Everything You Get, Don’t You Think That This Will Be …..”Expensive”?

Well, here is the good news!

The manuscript is not going to cost you anything close to $2,000.

Heck, This manuscript is based on the video series that we have sold over the last 15 years for over $5,000. Even at that price it has been called a bargain considering the information you are getting, particularly laser-guided accurate information like this – SPECIFICALLY for listing properties, selling properties, and making tons of money in the real estate industry.

Many of the people who purchased these original videos have sought us out begging for this information and I guarantee that we could nearly name our price.

The tested, proven, Money Making, Quick and Easy Guide To Real Estate Success could easily sell for $197

This isn’t some boiler-plate collection of answers this is the real deal from a man who was at the top of the real estate industry for decades.Everything is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it’s dead-easy to follow and understand. And it’s logically laid out.

So even at $197 it would be like you are getting the information for free.

But I am not going to sell this package for $197. That would not be fair. I know that many reading this rignt now want it but the price will determine if they get access to it. There is no need to worry. I know that for some of you that may just be getting started $197 is a lot of money and out of the reach for many.

No, After long thought, and listening to the advice of one of my mentors, I have come up with the final price of just $97. That is right, Laser guided information that with one commission cheque will have paid for itself many times over!

Why would I make this such a bargain? Well for several reasons, firstly with the manuscript being in ebook format there is no expensive labour involved. Secondly I know that you will love this material and I gain a happy client. So I am prepared to sacrifice profits now in the hopes of building a loyal customer base…

Now, if you are reading this page right now, you are going to consider yourself very lucky…

Instead of $97,

  • If you act now you can grab the complete manuscript for the special introductory price of only$37,

    (for a very limited time, I plan to put it up in the next couple of months, I just want to make sure that I have the online sales converting well before I raise it.)

You know one thing that really ticks me of. Is when you buy something and then see it selling for cheaper 2 weeks later. Nope I am doing it the other way around. I will start of the price at $37 and then after the introductory phase is over…I will increase the price!

So you get rewarded for taking action quickly!

Now this is only for a limited time, to get this at less then half-price now compared to the near future retail price.

Some may say this is crazy, but hey I like decisiveness in business and want to reward those that will act quickly.

So now that you know about my intentions to raise the price, you need to act fast to get this incredible manuscript for the low limited time price of only $37.

Crack The Code To Success In Real Estate Fast With The Quick And Easy System You Will Learn In This Manuscript!

This is the 1st time that this rare manuscript has been offered online. So it is seriously just a matter of time before the price will double without warning. In fact it could even quadruple in price over the coming months and sell for atleast $147!

So act now, and get your hands on what you will discover to be your greatest asset in your real estate success arsenal. You get to finally discover how to make a Six figure income without years of guessing!

Reason #4 why you have not yet already purchased….

Is there any risk involved for me?

Glad you asked! Absolutely not. You have No Risk! I absolutely guarantee you will love the manuscript or you will get your money back.

Our 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You risk absolutely nothing when you purchase this program. In fact you are covered by the most outrageous guarantees.

You have to understand that this program is responsible for so many people around the world to be successful in Real Estate. That is why I know that you will love this manuscript.

I guarantee that you will absolutely love “The Road To Success In Real Estate”, that I guarantee your full investment for 60 days.

10 Times Your Investment In Extra Profits Or I will pay you double your money!

Not only are you covered by your 100% 365 day money back guarantee, I also guarantee, that if you use just a few of these proven strategies over the next 12 months that you will earn at least ten times your initial investment in extra profits, within 12 months that you would not of earned if you hadn’t used the information …or you get double your money back. Simply show me in writing what you have done with the information and if you fail to earn ten times your investment I will happily refund all of your money. It’s that simple.

So I am taking all the risk in order to help you achieve your success! That is about as fair as I can be and it is only because I have total faith in the manuscript. This information will transform you into a true Real Estate Professional.

Now I know there is some of you that are still sitting on the fence. So here is what I am going to do to to make this the best investment you have ever made…You guessed it!

But Wait, I Am Going To Throw In Even More…
*** Exclusive Bonus***

sss%20mp3 Sales Letter
“Relationship Strategies & Presentation Styles” mp3 by DR. Tony Alessandra and Phil Wexler

Learn from the authority on Disc and communication Dr. Tony Alexander and leading sales expert Phil Wexler. There is more to sales then a general spill that you give to all people. No that is the sure fire way to mediocre results!

The audio will give you the ability to communicate with all the people you come into contact with and get greater results!

This audio is worth $47

You’ll discover:

  • Learn the Platinum Rule: Essential to sales success >
  • Understand the Disc model and how it works >
  • How to comunicate with clients from the 4 quadrants >
  • Sell more through the ability to build rapport with more people>
  • Not only understand the different types of people you come into contact with but how to tailor your communciation to ensure maximun results!

Not bad right? But that’s not all you get! Because I am also throwing in:

PLUS 2nd Incredible Exclusive Bonus ($47 Value)


classic%20ebook Sales Letter “The Success Giants Classic Collection” This ebook contains speeches from 6 of the all time greatest success speakers of the last Fifty Years.

This truly is a great and rare collection and if you are interested

in success and personal development you will want to make sure you have this in your library. So many of the great success in Sales say that one of the most important ingredients for their success was their personal development.

This collection is designed to give you the powerful knowledge to be able to accomplish everything you want in Real Estate.

Here are the titles covered in this book:

  • “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale
  • “Why Positive Thinkers Get Positive Results” by Dr Norman Vincent Peale
  • “How To Live With Yourself” By Dr Murray Banks
  • “Playing The Game Of Life To Win” by Bill Glass
  • “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Dr Maxwell Maltz
  • “To Be Yourself” by Bill Gove

This is not a airy fairy collection of fluff. It is truly a collection of some of the greatest success minds offering you priceless information on achieving results.

You get this as well!

Plus 3rd Incredible Exclusive Bonus($228 Value)


Membership%20card Sales Letter Silver Membership to the “Continuum Success Newsletter”. This montly newsletter is committed to developing your sales and wealth!

Every month you will receive this newsletter. It has features every month on how to increase sales performance. Articles by renowned success experts and information designed to boost your results!

Here is what one of the members says about the newsletter:

“I just want to say thank you. The newsletter is absolutely brilliant! The content has great information with practical applications that I implement immediately. I will be passing it along to everyone I know?

Jason Bibby

Plus in the Silver membership you receive a monthly audio from one of the legends of success (additional value of $14.95 per month) FREE!

Plus 4th Incredible Exclusive Bonus($27 Value)


Classic%20Sales%201 Sales Letter “Goal Setting And Achievement” By Don Hutson mp3 audio

Selling Real Estate is a tough industry and that is why you need to have a great plan and goals set to get you through to achieve great success.

Don Hutson is the professionals professional. Having worked with many fortune 500 companies and leading thousands of goals, sales & leadership trainings there is none more capable then Don to teach you about how you can achieve more and accomplish with your goals.

Here are some of the things you will learn in this program:


Now there is nothing holding you back! It is time to get on with becoming a SIX FIGURE income earner in Real Estate. Just look at everything you are getting! Even the bonuses are worth ten times what you are paying for the price of the manuscript. They are not those “buy a $10 ebook and get $2,000 worth of rubbish!”. They are real bonuses that will assist you with your journey.

So let’s have another look at what you get in the complete package:
The Road To Success In Real Estate” manuscript $197 Value $37
“Relationship Strategies & Presentation Styles” mp3 $47 Value FREE
“The Success Giants Classic Collection” ebook $47 Value FREE
Silver Membership “Continuum Success Newsletter” $228 Value FREE
“Goal Setting And Achievement” mp3 $27 Value FREE
Total Real World Value $ 546 $37

So it is time to start you on your journey to success today. Get your copy now!

You can’t leave this page empty handed, can you?

For a mere $37, you’re getting the answers you need … PLUS MORE.

Some of my partners have said that I am selling this package way undervalue. But as I said I want to reward those who take action and buy this now before the price goes up! I am considering making this test price open to the first 97 who buy. With all the pressure from my partners that will more then likely be the case. So make sure you are one of the lucky ones!

So you can literally be reading the manuscript in minutes when you act now!
“The Road To Success In Real Estate” maunscript!

I Am Ready To Start Earning A Six Figure Income

  • I Want To Be Able To List And Sell More Real Estate
  • I Can’t Wait To Learn The Secrets On How To Be A Real Estate Professional

  • BONUS 1: Make sure to include the “Relationship Strategies & Presenting By Style” MP3 by Tony Alessandra and Phil Wexler.
  • BONUS 2: Make sure to include the “Success Giants Classic Collection” ebook.
  • BONUS 3: Make sure you give me Silver Membership to the Continuum Success Newsletter
  • BONUS 4: Make sure to also include Goal Setting & achievement mp3 by Don Hutson.
  • I know I have a 365 Day Iron Clad Satisfaction or my Money Back Guarantee (or the double your money back 12 month guarantee)
  • I am aware that the price will increase from $37 to atleast $97 at any moment and I want to pay less than anyone has ever paid for this information.
  • I totally agree! At $37 this is the Biggest “No- Brainer” offer ever made! I want to get it now…

ecover small 18 223x300 Sales Letter

Only $97

$37.00 USD

(For A Very Limited Time)

If you are currently not achieving the results you set out to in real estate, or just want to take yourself to a whole new level, you really can’t afford to miss this. The cost of purchasing this program is nothing compared to cost of NOT investing.

You may be just ONE great strategy or technique away from achieving your next big goal. From earning massive commissions. And just one skill away from being becoming the success story you deserve.

So get ready! Can you feel the excitement knowing that you are about to uncover the secrets to listing and selling more Real Estate Now?

You are literally minutes away from discovering the code, the code to earning over $100,000 as a professional Real Estate Agent!

To your success in Real Estate!


Richard Muir

Director 21st Century Salesmasters

ri Sales Letter

signature Sales Letter

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